Publicaciones científicas:


I. Bakaniene, M. Dominiak-Świgoń, M. Augusto Meneses da Silva Santos, D. Pantazatos, M. Grammatikou, M. Montanari, I. Virgili, G. Galeoto, P. Flocco, L. Bernabei, A. Prasauskiene, Challenges of online learning for children with special educational needs and disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review, Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, pp. 1-12, 2022, Taylor & Francis


M. Montanari, M.A. Santos, A. Third, C. Pellegrini, A. Prasauskiene, S. Lariccia, M. Grammatikou, D. Pantazatos (2021) DIGITAL LEARNING FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES IN PRIMARY SCHOOL: FROM THE MANAGEMENT OF THE PANDEMIC EMERGENCY SITUATION TOWARDS A NEW NORMALITY, INTED2021 Proceedings, pp. 5429-5435.

Otras publicaciones:

M. Montanari, M.A. Santos, D. Pantazatos, M. Grammatikou, F. Martinez de Carnero, S. Perone, I. Virgili, IO1 Final report

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